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Sleeper Train to the Himalayas

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Some rooms in a hotel in Delhi had been booked so we could shower and change before our overnight sleeper train to NainiTal. ‘Armpit Palace’ hotel, pretty sure that is what it was called, was very obviously a ‘pay per hour’ type of establishment, it was grim. Mouse droppings on the bed, glad we were not sleeping there, shower spitting out brown water leaving you feel dirtier, much dirtier than when you got in, squelchy carpets makes you wonder if it is safe to remove your shoes! Shared a room with Rob and Linds, much to Rob’s embarrassment, he seemed quite shy haha and decided to go ‘for a walk’ while we were showering and changing. As he left the room we were discussing Rob’s gentlemenly ways, how ‘very English’ he is, shy, how we had a threesome planned after all etc… just messing about. Then Rob calmly walked out of bathroom ’see you guys in half an hour’! Haha we thought he had left the room OMG. When we had finally contained our hysteria, we took it in turns speaking loudly in the room to check acoustics in the bathroom, yep pretty sure he heard everything, oh well. Few minutes later, knock at the door, but it was Jo this time, a lady on our tour. ‘Sorry girls can I use your room for 5 minutes, change my knickers I had an accident’ I know you shouldn’t laugh but we already had the giggles and had to try and stay polite, not explode with hysteria at this unfortunate shitting pant situation. I tend to be a bit of a giggler, I laugh a lot, all the time, particularly when things go wrong. I found this to be a useful quality while in India. I love India.

Back to New Delhi train station, same kind of characters as before. Still completely fascinated by this place. Frequent platform changes, whole families rushing right across the traintracks carrying all kinds of things on their heads, groups of men just staring, really staring, not even trying to pretend that they were not, did I have three heads or something? Tried staring back but they just continued to stare, didn’t approach, hassle or try and talk or anything just gawped. Shared a bunk on the sleeper train with some guys on a pilgramage to the ganges from Dubai. Lovely guys, not only providing some strory-telling entertainment but also acting as Hindi translators, very useful as we didn’t have a clue where we were getting off the train or where we were (could not work out the signs at any of the stations, what the hell?) Sleeper train was fairly comfortable, quite cosy actually, clean bedding, unlike my previous Thailand experience, and the dreaded toilets were actually bearable. Heard a very different experience from some of the others on the tour though. Cramped not able to sit up, Cockroaches running over the beds, dirt, unwashed bedding, you get the picture, must have been lucky with our carriage. Slept about 2 hours and woke to cries of ’Chai Chai Chai’ ‘Chai Chai Chai’ ‘tea tea tea’ about 5am as we arrived into the foothills of the Himalayas.
Just to give an idea of the man stares!

Just to give an idea of the man stares!

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